Planning Queen Mystery Subscription Box

  • $34.95

Planning Queen Mystery Subscription Box includes 8-10 stationary/ planner suprise products. Products you can expect can include a

  • Full Sticker kit
  • Pen,
  • Die cuts,
  • Journaling cards
  • Exclusive GPC Dolls
  • & So much more!!!!

While I can't promise that all the products and artwork will be 100% exclusvie I can tell you that we will be choosing the best & most universal artwork so that it's easy for use at any time of the year and each box contents will vary. 


Billing & Shipping 

Your account will be billed Bi Monthly and your box will be shipped the next month. Here is a look at the projected Billing and shipping dates. Shipping Cost is $4.95



Billed Date

Open Subscriptions

Projected Shipping date


Dec 28th

Until Sold out

Feb 4th- Feb 11th


March 1st

March 7th

April 1st


May 1st

May 7th

June 1st


July 1st

July 7th

August 1st


September 1st

September 7th

October 1st


November 1st

November 7th

December 1st

                                                                                                   *Subject to change 

Please note that we will be doing everything in our power to prevent delays however some products will be manufactured and could cause delays. In the event of delays you will recieve an update in the form of social media, email and or Facebook group. 


We'd hate to see you go but If you would like to cancel you can do so at anytime before billing. Once you are billled we are not able to refund or cancel order. If your card is declined you will have 5 days to update your payment or your subscription will be cancel. 

Sneak Peeks 

This is a mystery Subscription!!! We all love the element of suprise so we ask that you reframe from posting spoilers for people who may not have recieved their box yet. All Boxes should shipp together please allow at least 5 days before posting to allow everyone a chance to be suprise or simply post a warning before posting! That's how we will be sharing our sneak peaks! 

Customer Service 

All customer service messages must be sent to we will not be responding to any other messaging outlets.